My Recent Activities

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I just completed an 11-week course on Machine Learning by Andrew Ng ... it was a great learning experience and already opened up new ideas and avenues for me to explore.


Start of of new Semester - Sem 2 2020/2021

A new semester begins, here we go again. This semester I will be teaching two of my favourite courses; Electronics & MicroProcessors and Automation & Robotics. Both courses will run virtually, including all content and assessment.


Happy New Year - 2021

Let us all hope the new brings us all happiness, joy, and relief from the Covid-19 and its problems. Let us hope for the return of normalcy in our lives.


GOLD medal at SIIF2020

It always feels great, when you win a Gold Medal. Though I was not entirely happy attending a virtual event, I was very happy to win the Gold Medal and Award at the Seol International Invention Fair 2020 (SIIF2020). A good ending for a very tough year.


Towards the end of 2020, I overcome my resistance towards virtual events and participated in the Seol International Invention Fair 2020 (SIIF2020). For this event, I submitted our Auto-Select IoT Vehicle Management System (AS-IVMS), which is a radical upgrade from the system that won Gold at MTE2020 back in February. 


In my second collaboration with the Minghsin University of Science & Technology (MUST), Taiwan. I was invited to conduct a second workshop on IoT for their students and staff. A year earlier (Dec 2019), I visited MUST in person and conducted a 3DAY workshop for their student and staff members of the Mechanical Engineering Department. This time around, I was invited to conduct a session specifically for Software Engineering Department. 


After exactly 10 years since the last time I underwent an English Language Test, I sat for the IELTS - General Training. After nearly a month of Preparations, I managed to score Band 8.