My Recent Activities

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Start of of new Semester - Sem 2 2020/2021

A new semester begins, here we go again. This semester I will be teaching two of my favourite courses; Electronics & MicroProcessors and Automation & Robotics. Both courses will run virtually, including all content and assessment.


Happy New Year - 2021

Let us all hope the new brings us all happiness, joy, and relief from the Covid-19 and its problems. Let us hope for the return of normalcy in our lives.


Awards - GOLD medal at SIIF2020

It always feels great, when you win a Gold Medal. Though I was not entirely happy attending a virtual event, I was very happy to win the Gold Medal and Award at the Seol International Invention Fair 2020 (SIIF2020). A good ending for a very tough year.


From MyCorner:

Towards the end of 2020, I overcome my resistance towards virtual events and participated in the Seol International Invention Fair 2020 (SIIF2020). For this event, I submitted our Auto-Select IoT Vehicle Management System (AS-IVMS), which is a radical upgrade from the system that won Gold at MTE2020 back in February. 


From MyCorner:

In my second collaboration with the Minghsin University of Science & Technology (MUST), Taiwan. I was invited to conduct a second workshop on IoT for their students and staff. A year earlier (Dec 2019), I visited MUST in person and conducted a 3DAY workshop for their student and staff members of the Mechanical Engineering Department. This time around, I was invited to conduct a session specifically for Software Engineering Department. 


After exactly 10 years since the last time I underwent an English Language Test, I sat for the IELTS - General Training. After nearly a month of Preparations, I managed to score Band 8.


From MyCorner:

Another professional recognition and certification. After undergoing the 5-Day Train-The-Trainer workshop and successfully passing its gruelling test, I was awarded the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) official certification. The HRDF is an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia. It is the official certification body for Training in Malaysia. Being HRDF certified means my skills and abilities as a trainer has been vetted and verified by the HRDF, and so I am qualified to provide Training in Malaysia.