I conducted my first training in 2005 during my time at Scicom Academy, training my colleagues on troubleshooting Nokia phones. This was before smartphones or social media, and we'd just recently learned the term "Google it". In 2010, I trained my colleagues at INTI on Matlab & Simulink, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and others. 

After completing my PhD thesis in late 2017, I conducted my first training on the Internet of Things (IoT); a three-day hands-on workshop on using Raspberry Pi for IoT applications. Starting from 2018, I began to develop my IoT Training series, which covers theoretical concepts, strategy & decision making, and hands-on system development & deployment.

Certifications & Recognition

To achieve and maintain the highest standards of training quality,   

Certified Professional (HRDF) Trainer

Certified IoT Specialist (CIoTs) 

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