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23-Dec-2019, 04:41 PM

Academic Visit & Workshop to Minghsin University of Science & Technology (MUST), Taiwan

As part of the collaboration between my university, UNITEN, and the Minghsin University of Science & Technology (MUST), Taiwan. I was invited to MUST on a 10-day Academic visit, which included visiting the campus, meeting colleagues, and conducting a 3 Day workshop on IoT titled: IoT Implementation; Challenges & Possibilities. The Visit also included discussions on further collaboration between UNITEN & MUST. 

This was the first time I had visited Taiwan so it was a great experience for me. Being in the same timezone as Malaysia helped so I was able to go to work immediately upon arrival. When I arrived it was still working hours so I went to MUST campus directly and visited the faculty of engineering and met colleagues there. It was great meeting like-minded people, it was like meeting old friends except we never met before.  

Prof Tan, Dr Alex, myself, and Dr Wan, at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, MUST   

It was nice meeting new friends, they were very nice, hospitable, and friendly towards me, discussions over collaboration and research ensued, but we also talked about food, places of leisure, and even politics. The cabinet behind us is filled with Trophies and achievements the department has won over the years. To the left of Prof Tan, you can see a partially obscured check the department has received for winning a design challenge. It was really impressive to be in that room. 

The next few days, I went on a tour around MUST campus, I learned that MUST accepts students from many nations from around the world. I met students from Vietnam, Phillipense, Malaysia, and Indonesia. English is used for teaching international students and their programs, Chinese is used for local students programs. It seems they have separate programs for local and international students.