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28-Oct-2020, 05:56 PM

The 2nd workshop on IoT for Minghsin University of Science & Technology (MUST), Virtual

In my second collaboration with the Minghsin University of Science & Technology (MUST), Taiwan. I was invited to conduct a second workshop on IoT for their students and staff. A year earlier (Dec 2019), I visited MUST in person and conducted a 3DAY workshop for their student and staff members of the Mechanical Engineering Department. This time around, I was invited to conduct a session specifically for Software Engineering Department. 

Prof. Cheng, Introducing me to the Class 

This was a different session altogether compared to my first session. This time I received specific requests on topics and issues that I needed to address. This included Framework architecture, networking protocols, open-source platforms, software & hardware issues, plus a number of hands-on exercises and workshop. A second challenge was the language barrier. In 2019 I conducted my session to English-speaking students and staff of MUST Mechanical Engineering department, whereas this time I am to address a Chinese-speaking audience who explicitly requested a Chinese translation of the live session. 

So I worked hard to update the technical content to match the requirements. I also recognized that, for the first time, my audience are software engineering audience, which changes how I deliver my training and session since they have a different background from my usual crowd (Mechanical Engineering, or at least non-software engineering). Plus the language challenge. it is safe to say that I was nervous preparing for this session. 

Nevertheless, I managed to develop the required content, and I enlisted the help of my Chinese-speaking student and award winner Ng Kaiding, who himself had experience in IoT projects and research, so with that experience, coupled with his native Chinese, Kaiding was the perfect live-translator for this session.