Duration: Apr 2017 - Jul 2023
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Funding: MYR 00

Utilizing Matlab to simulate Forward & Inverse Robot Kinematics

Since the official start of my career in education of Engineering courses, I was always fascinated to learn and implement the latest techniques and methods of course delivery and assessment. Over the years, that included an assortment of methods, which include Project-based learning (PBL), Outcome-based teaching, course development, Objected-based education (OBE), Blended-learning, non-conventional teaching methods, and much more. In 2009, I focused on the issue of Transformative Learning and how complicated it would be to apply it to Analytical methods (such as engineering subjects).

Robotics education

in 2010, having developed some experience in teaching robotics, I presented my work on modelling higher Degree Of Freedom (DOF) Manipulators in Matlab & Simulink, and how I used that in Robotics Courses. In 2013, I presented my investigation on the benefits Robotics students could get from participating in Robotics competitions and exhibitions. I took a hiatus from teaching Robotics in 2014-2017 while I was focusing on my PhD work on Robotics.

A Python simulation of a 3DOF Planar Manipulator Robot, a Teaching tool I developed for my robotics classes

Starting from 2018, I was given the responsibility to revamp two courses very dear to me; Electronics & Microprocessors, and Automation & Robotics. Both were required to be From Mechanical Engineers to Mechanical Engineers. I effectively re-wrote these two courses from the ground up, converted them from theory-paper-final-based courses to practical-hands-on-project-based courses. I am also finalizing my drafts for their Teaching Modules, to be published in mid to late 2021, if all goes well.

IoT Education
Starting from 2017, I began to work on the Internet of Things (IoT), and naturally, I began to incorporate it into my classes as well. IoT is implemented in my E&M course as the subject project (after learning how to interact with controllers & embedded systems, students are to develop IoT systems). In my Robotics course, IoT-enabled Robotics is one of the project areas students can attempt to tackle.

My E&M course on YouTube

Virtual Engineering education
After Covid-19 and the remote teaching and learning it caused. It became a challenge to teach project-based subjects remotely (online). The syllabus needed to be converted for the use of a virtual lab environment (I would never revert to theoretical content). This involved a lot of exploration and self-learning and is currently ongoing, I plan to publish a paper on this either this year (2021) or next year.


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