Duration: Jul 2017 - Ongoing
Awards: 1
Publications: 3
Funding: MYR 122,200

Social Impact of Robotics on Society

In the past, I focused only on the technology and its implementation, I never gave a thought about people's reaction to it or whether or not they would accept it. I'd always assumed they would welcome it with open arms. In recent years, however, I learned the reality of things. You can build the best working robot, but if people won't even touch it, it will become meaningless. As such, in recent years, I began to incorporate social impact into my engineering design, by incorporating social studies into my work (by collaborating with colleagues in that area).

Robotics acceptance in Society

A significant element of the IoT Robotic Camera Dolly Project was the impact it had on the production crew and workers at the TV station, we studied how this new technology impacted their well-being and livelihood and how equipped they were to work with advanced technologies in the future. We learned new lessons about Technology acceptance and resistance, lessons we would implement in future works. This is a relatively new area for me, so I will be adding new content as I go along


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