Duration: Oct 2019 - Ongoing
Awards: 3
Publications: 1
Funding: MYR 40,000

The IoT Vehicle Management System (IVMS)

This work focus on developing an IoT framework for Vehicle Fleet monitoring & management, specifically for the Transportation & Logistics (T&L) Sector. In this framework, vehicles are equipped with our IoT devices to gather raw data, which are then processed and evaluated at our cloud servers through our patented (filed) IVMS DA set of algorithms.?The processed information is then used by the service operator in three different ways; streamlining operations, improving user experience, and generating a side income.

This video demonstrates the IVMS framework and its features.?In February 2020, we participated in the?Malaysian Technology Expo (MTE2020)?with the IVMS framework, and we won the?GOLD medal & award.

Throughout 2020 (and in the midst of the Lockdown), we continued to work on the IVMS framework. Specifically, we focus on the connectivity problems moving vehicles face while on the move. As vehicles move, they go in-and-out of connection, this causes interruption to the flow of data, adversely affecting the reliability of the fleet management system and its information. To resolve this problem, we added the network provider Auto-Select (AS) algorithm. Through the AS algorithm, the moving vehicle not only remains connected, but it remains connected to the best possible network.

As shown in this video, the updated framework, now named: the AS-IVMS framework was an improvement and an upgrade from the original framework developed earlier in the year. With this updated framework, we participated in?the Seol International Innovation Exhibition 2020 (SIIF2020)?in December 2020, and once again, we won?the GOLD medal and award, our exhibition is still?shown?on the SIIF2020 virtual exhibition (navigate down till you see it).


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