Duration: Jun 2018 - Oct 2019
Awards: 2
Publications: 1
Funding: MYR 40,000

Portable & Interactive IoT Sensors for Precsion Agriculture

In this project, we focused on Precision Agriculture. Specifically, we focused on developing?portable, wireless, and interactive IoT agriculture sensors?for large-scale agriculture applications. Most current applications of IoT sensors are wired, cumbersome, expensive, and very limited in features.?

In this project, we developed a working unit that is completely self-reliant, wireless, portable, and interactive. The units also cost a fraction of what is available in the market and is produced from off-the-shelve components. Compared with commercial units, our products proved superior (when the cost is included).?

The units can be installed anywhere on the field, solar-powered, and built-in with all needed sensors, its housing cover was designed to withstand the heavy rain yet permit sunlight to recharge the onboard power unit and is built through 3D printing.?The unit functions as expected; it broadcasts field data to the cloud, which is received and processed for the operator's purposes. The meaning of Interactive is reserved for?patent reasons.


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