Duration: Jun 2018 - Dec 2019
Awards: 0
Publications: 0
Funding: MYR 23,000

The IoT-enabled Robotic Camera Dolly

This project marked my first implementation of IoT-enabled Robotics; linking a mobile robot system to an IoT framework for remote interaction. This work implements the IoT-controlled Robotic Camera Dolly. The Camera Dolly is a moving platform used to manipulate the camera used on set for TV & film shoots.?

For this project, we first developed a Robotic Camera Dolly, then we integrated it with an IoT Framework for remote controlling and monitoring. Through the IoT framework, the director can remotely control the camera (or multiple cameras) from his office. The Robotic Camera can be in the same room, in the same building, or even in another country, as long as both robot and the director (through his computer) are connected. This is also shown in the video.

This work was developed in collaboration with a National TV station here in Malaysia, TV Al-Hijarh. After the initial consultation with their production crew and Camera People. We developed the system at our labs, then successfully demonstrated it at TV Al-Hijrah's studios.?


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